ICE is the tech family you’ve waited for

ICE is the tech family you’ve waited for

Forging strong bonds, supporting through the good and bad, changing the tech world for the better. We’re not here to network, we’re here to find our people.


ICE list

300+ entrepreneurs, investors and founders at the top of their game, stoked to help each-other with advice, ideas and world-class experience.


ICE events

Legendary trips abroad, mini-breaks in the UK, dinners, drinks - we throw together the world’s brightest minds and admire the results.


ICE cubes

We curate small (but exquisite) groups looking for long-term support, to turbo-charge personal and professional development.

ICE List

Nice to CC you

Nice to CC you

Forging strong bonds, supporting through the good and bad, making amazing memories. We’re not here to network, we’re here to find our people.

ICE events

Great minds think alike nearby

Great minds think alike nearby

We’re at our best when we’re together. So we make sure that we’re together as much as possible.

Trips abroad to build lasting bonds, mini-breaks to clear our heads, workshops, talks and glorious dinners, we build amazing atmospheres and watch the creative sparks fly.


Annual trips

Bi-annual international adventure. Skiiing. Sunbathing. Workshops. Good times.



UK based adventures to learn, celebrate, discuss, relax and have some serious fun.


Local events

Heading out on the road to MWC or WebSummit.


ICE parties

Summer parties, Christmas balls and more


ICE feasts

These special ICE dinners will bring together a more intimate group of ICERs to connect in a meaningful way.

ICE Cubes

We love to think inside the box

We love to think inside the box

Our events are the best. But we wanted more. Our ICE Cubes are smaller, carefully curated groups who meet regularly - providing deep support, ongoing advice and a proper investment in each-other’s development.

It’s hard to overstate the value of having a team of brilliant people who have your back, without any pressure. An entrepreneur’s journey can be lonely. We decided to change that.

Our members

To get a flavour of who is part of ICE, here’s a selection of the company you'd keep as a member.

Mind Candy
Secret Sales

An idea this good must run itself…

It absolutely doesn’t. ICE is run by an amazing group who give up their time and talent because they believe in what we’re doing here. And they do it for free. The beautiful maniacs.

Dermot O’Riordan
ICE Operations Lead
The Reserve

Natasha Guerra
ICE Board, Executive Director
CEO at Runway East

Amrita Das
Community Lead
Jones Knowles Ritchie

Michelle Kingsley
ICE Families Lead

Rabin Yaghoubi
Membership Lead
Investor / advisor

Andrew Crump
Trip Organiser Lead
CEO & Founder at Unkillable

Andrew J Scott
ICE Board
Investor, Entrepreneur

Peter Ward
ICE Board
Co-Founder & CEO Humanity

Adam Goodyer
ICE Cubes Lead
Founder & CEO at Lifestyled

Andrew Richardson
Sponsorship Lead
Founding Partner at Eka Ventures

Andrew Mulvenna
South West Chapter Director
Venture Partner at AV8 Ventures

Nick Black
Recruitment Lead
Co-Founder and President at CloudMade

Mica Vaipan
Knowledge Management Lead
Creator at Better For You Kitchen

Stef Lewandowski
ICE Tech Lead
Venture Builder Consultant

Mel Nicci
ICE Mini Trip Lead
Founder & CEO at Baby2Body

Cat McDonald
Systems Lead
Investor at AlbionVC

Rebecca Kelly
Recruitment Lead
Co-Founder & CEO VenueScanner

Liz Fleming
Trip Organiser Lead
Principal at Adara Ventures

Alicia Navarro
Trip Organiser Lead
President & Co-Founder at Skimlinks, Founder at Navarland

Will Swannell
London Events Lead
Co-Founder & CEO at Hire Space

Ewan Dickie
Trip Organiser Lead
Managing Director at Punk.Money

Chloe Johns
ICE Mini Trip Lead
Marketing Professional

Maria Constantinescu
Events Lead
Cofounder at Specstimate

Constantin Bjerke
Trip Organiser Lead
Founder & CEO at

Want in? Great.

You’re brilliant. We’re brilliant. Let’s make this happen.

You’re brilliant. We’re brilliant. Let’s make this happen.

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